Homeworkgate splits Australian camp

The Dictionary definition says the suffix ‘-gate’ should be used for ‘a public scandal’. With Australia banning 4 players for ‘not doing their homework’, President Nixon has competition for the biggest scandal of modern history. Even rivaling John Terry’s ‘Wife-Bonkinggate’, Oscar Pistorius’ ‘Your-Blades-Are-Too-Longgate’ and of course, not forgetting Alan Stanford’s ‘Stealing-Prickgate’…

Not such happy families between Clarke and Watson now... (Fox Sports)

Not such happy families between Clarke and Watson now… (Fox Sports)

Australia have dropped two front line bowlers, a possible replacement for Ricky Ponting at number 3 and Shane Watson. The reason? They did not submit a presentation of how the Australian side could improve. I feel the lads pain. My Mother, much like Mickey Arthur, was a disciplinarian. ‘Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!’ She used to shout as I, along with my sister, crawled under the combat sheets before having to kill and cook our own breakfast, she used to say it would harden me up for Primary school. But it really hit home when I forgot to do my homework, when that call came from my teacher I was really worried. She forbade me from riding my bike that night, I wept in my room for months, even missed my 5th birthday. I digress…

We British thought Australian cricket was bad under Ponting, seems his protege is out-doing all of his him! (PC: The Telegraph)

We British thought Australian cricket was bad under Ponting, seems his protege is out-doing him! (PC: The Telegraph)

Back on subject, Mickey Arthur is looking short of friends at the moment with barely a word of support being spoken on the twittersphere. Australia now have a squad of 13 to choose from for the next Test, expected to drop to 12 when Matt Wade declare’s he is not fit to stand behind the stumps. Not to mention the misfiring blonde All-Rounder Batsman, Shane Watson, flying home and claiming he may pack Test cricket in all together. Mitchell Johnson’s confidence may have taken a slight hit, but with Johnson’s bowling, that is the difference between a 5-for and 0-200.

What does this mean in the big picture? Australia have 10 debatable spots in their team. Even Clarke’s captaincy is debatable now, however, he still is the first name on the team-sheet for his batting stats whatever happens. Cowan and Warner are slowly cementing their places but the bowlers are always fighting for places and Wade tries to stay away from the physio’s table and in the baggy green. An Ashes double-header is a huge thing for Australia, the public, players and coaches will not be happy with the state of the team in the run up to such a big year.

With Michael Clarke struggling for the backing of the squad as it is, Australia now have a period of 4 months to find a group of players that respect Clarke and can put a decent showing in against England. Until then, I feel Clarke and Arthur will be like the kids in the playground with nits. India whitewash on its way…

Note. My Mother was not an army officer, just a lovely women, no animals were hurt during my childhood…


3 thoughts on “Homeworkgate splits Australian camp

  1. I doubt the camp is split, pattinson at least was very quick to eat humble pie and ask for forgiveness. I think the only player in a tizz is Watson and he is fairly overrated anyway. The team is certainly weakened by this though.

  2. looks like it is to me……..and, very, very publicly! not good for morale in any team. All we really want out of this is an Aussie team that can compete effectively in the double Ashes and provide, what often has been, the best test cricket seen anywhere in the world.

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